Discover the Delightful Griffonshire: A Blend of Spunk and Sophistication in a Small Package


“Brussels Griffon Yorkie Mix”

Weight 7-10
Height 7-9
Lifespan 12-15
Coat Colors Black, Brown, Cream, Blue
Coat Traits Long Length, Dense, Straight
Temperament Smart, Alert, Cuddly, Loyal, Brave

Introducing the Griffonshire, a captivating mixed breed dog that brings together the spunky spirit of the Brussels Griffon and the elegant charm of the Yorkshire Terrier. This designer dog stands out in the world of small dogs, combining unique physical traits and a delightful personality into one compact companion.

If you’re looking for a pet that embodies the best qualities of two distinct breeds, the Griffonshire might just be your perfect match. Known for their intelligence and affection, these pups make excellent companions for a variety of lifestyles, adapting well to both apartment living and homes with older children.

The Griffonshire’s popularity has surged as more people discover their adaptable and affectionate nature. Ideal for those in search of a loyal friend who can keep pace with an active lifestyle, they also fit well into quieter homes where cuddles on the couch are a daily ritual.

Before you decide to bring one of these charming dogs into your home, it’s essential to understand what makes them tick—from their health needs to their grooming requirements. Let’s explore what it takes to care for a Griffonshire, ensuring they lead a happy, healthy life.


The Griffonshire is a delightful example of a designer dog, born from the desire to blend the distinct characteristics of the Brussels Griffon and the Yorkshire Terrier. This crossbreed captures the hearts of dog lovers with its unique heritage and engaging backstory.

Origins of the Griffonshire

The Griffonshire came into existence through careful breeding between the spirited Brussels Griffon and the elegant Yorkshire Terrier. This mix aims to combine the Yorkie’s refined traits with the Brussels Griffon’s bold personality, creating a dog that is both a companion and a showstopper.

Designer Dog Trend

As part of the designer dogs movement, Griffonshires have gained popularity for their balanced temperaments and manageable sizes. They are recognized by the International Designer Canine Registry, which helps to standardize and promote the responsible breeding of hybrid dogs like the Griffonshire.

Popularity Growth

The Griffonshire’s rise in popularity is attributed to its suitability as a family pet that thrives in diverse living conditions. Their small size and adaptable nature make them particularly appealing to urban dwellers and those with limited living space.


The Griffonshire boasts a distinctive look that merges the best features of its purebred parents, the Yorkshire Terrier and the Brussels Griffon. This section delves into the physical characteristics that make Griffonshires both adorable and unique.

General Appearance

Griffonshires are small but sturdy with a confident posture that belies their size. Their expressive eyes and a perky demeanor make them instantly endearing to anyone they meet.

Coat and Color

One of the most striking features of the Griffonshire is their coat. Depending on which parent’s genes are more dominant, they can have either a wiry coat typical of Brussels Griffons or the silky hair of Yorkshire Terriers. Common colors include shades of black, brown, and tan.

Unique Features

Beyond their coats, Griffonshires may inherit the Yorkie’s elegant bearing or the Brussels Griffon’s rugged charm. Their small size and distinctive facial features, such as a pronounced chin and large eyes, make them stand out in the world of small dogs and designer breeds.



The Griffonshire is celebrated not just for its looks but also for its spirited and engaging temperament. This mixed breed inherits the boldness of the Brussels Griffon and the affectionate nature of the Yorkshire Terrier, making it a lively and loving companion.

Personality Traits

Griffonshires are known for their smart and playful disposition. They are keenly alert and can be quite cuddly, often forming strong bonds with their family members. Their loyalty and bravery are surprisingly robust for their small stature.

Interaction with Other Pets and Children

Despite their size, Griffonshires generally get along well with other dogs and pets. However, interactions with small children should be supervised, as their small size can make them vulnerable to being handled roughly. They are better suited to families with older children who know how to interact gently with pets.

Behavioral Traits

Griffonshires can exhibit small dog syndrome, displaying a larger-than-life personality and sometimes being overly assertive with other dogs. Proper socialization and training can help manage this trait, ensuring they remain well-behaved both at home and in public places like dog parks.

Living Environment

Griffonshires are adaptable dogs that thrive in various living environments, making them an excellent choice for many families. Whether in a bustling city apartment or a spacious suburban home, these dogs can adjust beautifully, provided their basic needs are met.

Home Requirements

Griffonshires do well in apartments due to their small size, but they still need space to play and explore. A home with easy access to a dog park is ideal, as it allows them regular opportunities for exercise and socialization.

Family Compatibility

These dogs are great for families with older children and can adapt to living with other pets if introduced properly. Their friendly nature makes them wonderful companions, but their interactions should always be monitored to ensure they aren’t handled roughly by younger children.


Griffonshires are known for their ability to adapt to their owner’s lifestyle. Whether you live alone or with a large family, they can integrate well. However, they do not like being left alone for long periods, which can lead to separation anxiety. Ensuring they have enough interaction and stimulation is key to keeping them happy and healthy.

griffonshire dog


Proper nutrition is vital for keeping your Griffonshire healthy and happy. These small dogs have specific dietary needs that must be met to maintain their energy levels and overall health.

Dietary Needs

Griffonshires require a balanced diet rich in nutrients suitable for small dogs. High-quality dog food that caters to their energy requirements and supports their metabolism is essential. Smaller, more frequent meals are beneficial to prevent hypoglycemia, a common issue in small breeds.

Feeding Schedule

Consistency is key when feeding a Griffonshire. Two to three small meals a day is recommended, rather than free feeding, to help manage their digestion and keep their energy levels stable throughout the day.

Special Dietary Considerations

Be mindful of the calorie content in treats and food, as small dogs like the Griffonshire can easily gain weight if their diet isn’t properly managed. Also, consider any breed-specific sensitivities, such as tendencies towards allergies or dry skin, and choose foods that help mitigate these issues.


Griffonshires may be small, but they have a significant amount of energy that needs to be channeled through regular exercise. Proper physical activity is crucial for their physical health and mental well-being.

Exercise Requirements

Despite their small size, Griffonshires require regular exercise to maintain their health and prevent boredom. Daily walks and playtime are essential, not only for their physical health but also to keep them mentally stimulated.

Activities They Enjoy

These lively dogs enjoy a variety of activities. Short walks around the neighborhood, games of fetch, and supervised play sessions in a dog park are all great ways to keep a Griffonshire engaged and happy. They also enjoy puzzle toys that challenge their minds and provide mental stimulation.

Benefits of Regular Exercise

Regular exercise helps prevent common health issues like obesity, keeps the Griffonshire’s muscles toned and strong, and reduces the risk of behavioral problems associated with excess energy. Ensuring your Griffonshire gets enough physical activity is a key part of responsible pet ownership.

grissonshire breed


Training your Griffonshire is not only essential for their development but also a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your pet. These intelligent dogs respond well to consistent, positive reinforcement training methods.


Griffonshires are known for their smart and eager-to-please nature, which makes them relatively easy to train. They pick up on commands quickly but can also be stubborn, so patience and consistency are key.

Training Tips

Start training your Griffonshire early to establish good behaviors and prevent potential issues like small dog syndrome. Use positive reinforcement techniques such as treats and praises to encourage good behavior. Consistency is crucial, so make sure all family members follow the same training guidelines.

Behavioral Training

Aside from basic obedience training, behavioral training is important to ensure your Griffonshire interacts well with other dogs and people. Socialization should start early, introducing them to various environments, sounds, and situations to help them develop into well-rounded and confident adult dogs.


Maintaining the grooming needs of your Griffonshire not only keeps them looking their best but also supports their overall health. Whether they inherit the wiry coat of the Brussels Griffon or the silky hair of the Yorkshire Terrier, regular grooming is essential.

Grooming Needs

Griffonshires typically require daily brushing to prevent tangles and matting, especially if they have the longer, silkier hair of the Yorkshire Terrier. Regular baths every few weeks will help keep their coat clean and reduce any potential skin problems.

Tools Required

Invest in the right grooming tools to make the process easier and more effective. A pin brush and metal comb are essential for managing their coat, helping to smoothly detangle without pulling the skin.

Professional Grooming

Consider scheduling professional grooming sessions every few months. These not only ensure that your Griffonshire’s coat is trimmed and healthy but also provide an opportunity for a professional to check for any skin issues, ticks, or fleas that might need attention.

griffonshire dog breed


The health of your Griffonshire is paramount, and understanding their specific needs can help prevent common ailments and ensure a long, happy life. Awareness and proactive care are key to maintaining their well-being.

Common Health Issues

Griffonshires may inherit health issues from both the Brussels Griffon and Yorkshire Terrier lines. Watch for signs of Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, a condition affecting the hip joints, and retinal dysplasia, an eye disorder. These conditions are more prevalent in small breeds like the Griffonshire.

Preventative Measures

Regular veterinary check-ups are crucial to early detection and management of health issues. Keep up with vaccinations, flea and tick prevention, and regular health screenings. Additionally, maintaining a proper diet and regular exercise routine will help keep your Griffonshire in top shape.

Life Expectancy

With good care, Griffonshires typically enjoy a long lifespan. Their life expectancy generally ranges from 12 to 15 years. Ensuring they live a healthy, active life will help maximize their years with you, filled with joy and companionship.

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Choosing to bring a Griffonshire into your life means welcoming a bundle of joy that blends the spirited character of the Brussels Griffon with the elegant charm of the Yorkshire Terrier. This designer dog offers the best of both worlds, providing affection, intelligence, and a compact size that suits various living environments.

Owning a Griffonshire requires a commitment to their health, nutrition, and grooming needs, along with regular training and socialization to ensure they grow into well-adjusted adult dogs. They thrive on attention and interaction, making them ideal companions for families with older children or individuals looking for a lively and loving pet.

Before deciding to adopt a Griffonshire, consider their exercise needs, potential health issues, and the grooming efforts required to keep them looking and feeling their best. With the right care and lots of love, a Griffonshire can make a wonderful addition to your home, offering years of companionship and joy.

Whether you’re an experienced dog owner or considering your first puppy, the Griffonshire is a great choice for those ready to handle their vibrant personalities and specific care needs.

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