Should A Havashire Be Part Of Your Family?


Should a Havashire be part of your family?

“Havanese Yorkshire Terrier Mix”

One of the best small dog breeds you can keep in your home is a Havashire. This cross breed of Havanese and Yorkshire Terrier happens to be very friendly, intelligent, protective and loyal. Moreover, it is also very affectionate and alert, which is why most consider keeping this breed as a pet.

If you want to own this particular cross breed, it is advisable that you know what to expect in regards to appearance. This particular dog has silky long hair and a long tail. Furthermore, they can be found with different fur colors. Some are coated red, black, tan, brown and even gray. They stand from 7 to 14 inches and can weigh between 8 and 12 pounds.

Why A Havashire Is A Great Choice

Besides being intelligent, protective and loyal, the Havashire dog is surprisingly energetic. It spends most of its time playing, which is why it is considered to be the best pet to own for people with dogs. If you have children you can be sure that they will not be bored. That is because these small dogs love children and they are friendly.

Moreover, besides being small, the Havashire is trainable, which means you can teach them to do almost anything. That is why they are featured in canine careers such as circus performance and other dog sports.

Exercise And Training Needs

Like any other dog, it is necessary that you train and exercise your fur baby. The main reason for doing this is to make sure that it stays active as. Without proper training and exercise, this Havanese and Yorkshire terrier breed will end up being bored and lazy. It will also add weight and become less active than it is meant to be.

Training is challenging to say the least, but they are trainable. You will need to be firm, consistent, and apply positive reinforcement. If you do not have enough outdoor space where you can take your pet for regular walks, you can play with it indoors to provide the training and exercise that it needs to maintain good health. However, if you decide to take him outside for a walk, make sure it’s at least fifteen minutes. A convenient place where you can do this kind of exercise and training is the dog park.

How Long Does It Take To Train?

Even though Havashire dogs are trainable, that does not mean that it is easy. You must be willing to sacrifice a lot of time and have patience. That is because it can take weeks training this pet. Furthermore, you also need to understand that how long it takes to succeed at any training will depend on the method you use and how consistent you are at each training session.

If you do not have the skills and the knowledge needed to train a dog, you can leave the work to professional dog trainers who are experienced in this kind of work. One of the advantages of hiring an expert is that you do not necessarily have to sacrifice your time and you are guaranteed successful end results after training.

Grooming Requirements

Like any other dog, the Havashire also requires lots of grooming. Furthermore, it also advisable that you brush the coat every day if it is long. The main purpose of doing this is to prevent debris and tangles. Another way of making sure that they stay neat trimmed is by trimming the fur regularly yourself. However, it is advisable that you allow a groomer to do this if you do not know how to do this kind of work.

Besides brushing the coat, you are also required to clip the nails. Allowing the nails to grow too long can lead to infections, which is why it is recommended clipping the nails. Professional groomers use special tools to do this kind of work, which is why it is advisable that you hire such expert to do this kind of work. You don’t want to cut the quick. Been there done that!

Besides clipping the nails and brushing the coat, you also need to bathe the dog as needed. Too much bathing can decrease their natural oils. Furthermore, make sure that the ears are checked, and the teeth are brushed at least three times a week to maintain their good health.

You also need to be aware of the fact that Havashires are considered to be minimal shedders compared to other mixed breeds. 

Living Requirements

If you are planning to keep this particular breed, make sure that you find a suitable place for it to stay inside your home. That is because Havashires are indoor pets and cannot do well living outdoors. Moreover, you also need to understand that it is difficult for them to survive in places with extreme temperatures so living indoors is vital.

Are These Little Dogs Good With Children?

What is the Havashire temperment like? As mentioned earlier these pets are friendly to everyone, especially kids. They are playful, and children can run around without the fear of being knocked down. However, you also need to watch out for the dog during such times, since you pet can easily be stepped on since it is very small. Furthermore, if your child does not know how to handle this small doggy, then it is best that you supervise.

How About Diet?

There are various foods you can feed particular breed. However, it is advisable that you stick to dry dog food (kibble) recommended for such pets. Moreover, you can make sure that you feed your pet only the most nutritious food by consulting your local vet, or better yet, by googling it. Just remember, high quality food will cost more but I know without hesitation, my kids (dogs) are worth it.

Are There Any Health Issues Related To This Cross Breed?

Even though these small dogs are active and playful most of the time, that does not mean that they do not face health challenges. There are various health issues that you should be on the look out for. Moreover, some of these health issues are also related to the Havanese and the Yorkshire terrier breed such as eye problems, patellar luxation, and even hip dysplasia.

How Long Can They Live?

Taking good care of your dog is important if you want it to live longer. However, even though you try your best to keep them healthy and want them to live a very long time, their lifespan is 12 to 14 years. After this period, these small dogs become less active, and their health becomes poor with time.


The Havashire is preferred by a lot of people and is a joy to have as part of the family. That is because they are less stressful to maintain compared to most mixed breeds that can be found today. This adorable little doggie will bring new excitement. love, and laughter in your home for many (although never long enough) years to come.

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