Is A Jack Tzu Right For You?

s a ack Tzu right for you?

“Jack Russell Shih Tzu Mix”

The onset of designer dogs can be traced back to the late 20th century, where breeders sought to obtain dogs with certain  characteristics originating from their purebred parents. The trend of crossbreeding to come up with designer dogs is now entrenched with thousands of combinations. Jack Tzu is among the most popular designer dogs we have around.

Jack Tzus are notable for their lively characters and over-the-top zeal for anything fun in life. They are featured in movies for their adorable physique and character. Off the screen, the Jack Tzu is a popular dog breed among celebrities, especially those with families.

However, it is not a dog breed that is a exclusive of Hollywood. The Jack Tzu dog is part of many families around the country and the world. Families that love pets are increasingly becoming enamored by Jack Tzus, with more and more families acquiring this designer dog.

Let’s go ahead and explore this dog, with the intention of acquainting you with the information that you need to know whether this is the dog for you and your family or not.

About Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier was developed by an Englishman and a reverend, John Russell. He bought a small terrier female that he called Trump from a milkman in Elmsford in 1819. This dog formed the basis of his breeding program which yielded what is we know as the Jack Russell Terrier. He optimized his breeds to be white and efficient in helping him hunt fox

The Jack Russell Terrier dog breed is usually characterized by a sturdy build measuring 10-15 inches. They can weigh anything between 14 and 18 pounds. Owing to their earlier breeding their coats are usually white with patches of brown and dark color present. Character wise, they tend to be tenacious and tough. Thus, they are energetic, witty, and playful. They also exhibit a great deal of will and can be difficult to train. Nonetheless, they are extremely loyal and friendly.

About Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is thought to be among the oldest dog breeds in existence. It is estimated to have originated in the China/Tibet region where there have been numerous treasures in the form of documents and paintings illustrating  just how valuable the dog was in terms of companionship. The first dog of this breed to reach the western world did so in 1928 when it reached England and later in Norway in the 1930s. Its popularity soared after the World War Two, with many families enamored by its looks.

jack tzu dog

Physical Traits Of Jack Tzus

The crossbreeding of the Jack Russell Terrier and the Shih Tzu produces Jack Tzus, which have the following physical attributes:

#1. Weight – Typically, this breed of dog will weigh anything between 14 and 22 pounds when fully grown.

#2. Size – With regards to their sizes, Jack Tzus usually measure about 10 to 11 inches tall at adulthood.

#3. Common Color – The color of a particular Jack Tzu depends on the color of his or her parent. However, common colors include black, white, golden, brown, light brown, and cream.

#4. Coat Characteristics – With regards to coat characteristics it also depending on their parents, whereby he or she can take after either parent. Thus they may have a short to medium coat that is a mixture between soft and rough coats or it may have long, silky soft coats as pronounced in Shih Tzus.

Living With A Jack Tzus As Family Pet

When it comes to living with a dog, there are various factors that you need to consider first before purchasing the dog. Some of these factors include:

#1. Temperament – With regards to temperament, Jack Tzus tend to have the lowest scale of temper among popular dog breeds. They are usually characterized as loving, affectionate, friendly dogs. Nonetheless, they can also be too excited almost to a disturbing extent.

#2. Grooming Needs – Aside from the regular dog grooming needs such as nail clipping and giving the dog a bath, there is also the issue of shedding. The dog can be a moderate to frequent shedder. Particularly, dogs with longer coats should be brushed regularly to keep up with the shed.

#3. Exercising Needs – Jack Tzus are very active dogs. They have the extremely high stamina and love to play around. With their incredible amount of energy, they love to play around especially without a leash  in backyards. Nonetheless, they can adapt very well to life in apartments.

#4. Sociability And Ease Of Training – When it comes to matters of sociability of this breed, Jack Tzus tend to be very easy going around people, kids, and other pets. With regards to barking, the dog does not bark much, unless  other dogs are barking.

As you can appreciate, this breed of dog has all the good character traits to be a great family pet. However, for proper sociability, the dogs should be trained and socialized early enough to cope with life and with other pets, especially the small ones such as cats. If the dog is not trained early, he or she may start chasing other pets as prey.

Also, note that the dog is quite stubborn, thus the process of training Jack Tzus can be quite challenging. To make it easy for the dog to grasp what it is been taught, keep lessons short, simple and interesting, but most of all, consistent.

#5. Feeding – When it comes to feeding Jack Tzus, you should note that they are constant eaters and will continue to eat until all the food  is finished. As such, you should restrict the amount of food the dog has access to, lest you overfeed it, leading to other health complications. Depending on age and size, three-quarters to one and a half cups of dry dog food, separated into two portions is usually ample for a healthy diet.

#6. Common Health Complications Jack Tzus Suffer – This breed of dog tends to be susceptible to ailments and health conditions such as liver problems, allergies, deafness, eye problems, kidney problems, ear infections, snuffles, hip dysplasia, and many other conditions. Thus, while purchasing this mixed breed, be sure to factor in the dog’s annual health cost.

Factors To Have In Mind While Purchasing A Jack Tzu

If you know about dogs, you will appreciate that not all dogs are bred equally. Only offsprings of healthy parents turn out to be healthy and meet your expectations of a family pet. With this knowledge in mind, you should take concerted steps to ensure that the  dog you buy is an offspring of parents who received health clearances. Parents having health clearances ensure that the offspring, which in this case are Jack Tzus, are not predisposed to prominent dog health issue.

Additionally, you should ensure that the dog breeder who you deal is ethical and trustworthy. Because of the rise in popularity of Jack Tzus, there are some unethical dog breeders breeding dogs without conducting due diligence. For instance, some are breeding Jack Tzus instead of breeding purebred Jack Russell Terrier and Shih Tzu dogs so as to cash in on the craze.

Such dogs tend to have a predisposition to adverse and sometimes life-threatening health complications and ailments. This is not to say that the purebred Jack Tzus will definitely be of good health and character traits as there is no way of accurately determining what will happen genetically during breeding.

Furthermore, if you are going to fork out the typical $350 to $750 for a Shih Tzu Jack Russell mix, you best make sure it is a 50% purebred Jack Russell Terrier and a 50% purebred Shih Tzu.


I believe  Jack Tzu dogs can be a perfectly great addition to any family as long as you are aware of the information listed above. This fur baby can bring a lot of love and affection to a family for many years.

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