The Meagle: Eager And Cute Little Beamers

The Meagle Dog

“Beagle Miniature Pinscher Mix”

The Meagle is a sprightly designer breed. It is the product of crossbreeding between the amiable beagle and the responsive miniature pinscher. Also called Megie in the designer breed industry, these dogs are not only energetic but also multi-talented. They can be loving and cuddly, too. The owner can have the best of both worlds—he can have the joy of bonding outdoors or have a gentle cuddle at home, thanks to the Meagle’s flexible character.

Meagles’ Parents: The Beagle

Recognized as one of the most popular dog breeds in America, Beagles are intelligent dogs often used for hunting in the olden days. It is a small hound with a gentle and happy vibe. They are interested in smelling things and being actively around their owners.

Its notable features are its long, droopy ears, short, stubbly legs, and kind, brown eyes that spell no harm to anyone looking at it.

Remember Snoopy? Yes, the adorable cartoon is a Beagle. That’s how popular and well-loved Beagles are around the world. A Beagle’s sense of determination and unmatched loyalty are some of the reasons why this dog is trusted, and has been man’s companion way back in history.

Meagles’ Parents: The Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinschers, or widely known as Min Pins, are small dogs with an energetic and fearless temperament. They have smooth, short-haired coats that give off a naturally groomed look. The owner wouldn’t need to groom the as often, which is definitely one of the advantages.

One can see the confidence a Min Pin exudes whenever it walks despite its short stature. It is truly a ‘small but terrible’ kind of breed.

If these dogs can’t establish dominance with their size, they can compensate for it with their attitude! A Min Pin can be independent that sometimes it’s borderline stubborn. Often referred to as ‘little Dobermans’, they could be regarded as alarm dogs for their keen sense of smell and their piercing, high pitched barks.

 Meagles’ Mixed Breed Features

The Meagle is a small toy dog that is 10-16 inches tall, and can weigh from 10 to 25 pounds. The dog has flappy ears that is smaller than the Min Pin, but larger that the beagle. It has a dome-shaped head, large brown-amber eyes, and a small, black muzzle. The coat’s colors are usually brown and black, but it can also have up to 25 possible color combinations including white and reddish shades.

Notable features of the Min Pin can be seen on its coat pattern, while the Beagle’s droopy ears is adapted by the Meagle. Overall, it has a short-haired breed with a normal coat density. It has a straight coat hair, but they can also have slight wisps of wavy hair.

meagle dog

Behavior and Socialization

Meagles are lively, intelligent dogs. Their knack for curiosity and adventure fuels their love for roaming outdoors, thanks to the good mix of Min Pin and Beagle personalities. They love playtime, especially when they get their owner’s attention. They are loyal and protective to their owners and friends, and always like to follow those they trust anywhere.

They like to bark at anyone – whether out of threat or of joy – which makes them good alarm dogs. But they cannot be substituted as guard dogs due to their fragility. Meagles can be best companions to owners with an active lifestyle. Taking them with you on walks to dog parks, forest trails, or on your jogging routines are a fun way to keep both your exercises in check.

Though they are adventurous dogs who would investigate almost anything they can smell, they can be vulnerable to injuries. Handle them with care while having fun with them, and avoid being too rowdy. Kids under 10 should be supervised by an adult when playing with Meagles.

Meagles can get easily attached to people around it, especially with young children. They will protect their owners if they must. They can even withstand playtime with children. If kids tend to annoy Meagles until they doesn’t like to play anymore, they will just go away and find something else to do.

Socializing with other animals is not a problem with Meagles either. They can adapt well with other pets in your home.

However, these dogs cannot stand being left alone for too long. They can howl or be unruly if they are bored and lonely, so keep your Meagle entertained. It’s also useful to provide obedience training to them early on, so situations like this can be controlled.


It’s easy to groom a Meagle’s short-haired, silky-hard coat with a normal coat density, making it ideally low-maintenance. It is advised to brush their coat 1-3 x a week to maintain a healthy coat and skin, and to minimize dirt as well. Nails should be trimmed regularly to lessen marks when they scratch on surfaces. Since these playful Meagles love to go outdoors, occasional bathing is needed to clean unwanted germs that can affect the dogs’ health.

During the cold season, smaller Meagles and those without double coats should be kept warm by letting them wear sweaters or making them sleep under comfortable blankets.

Training and Play

Meagles have a small body bursting with energy. They can be quite frisky when craving for a walk or run. That’s why they need at least two 30-minute periods of physical activity per day such as running or playing outside. It’s best for them to play in a fenced-in yard in case they might be too excited to frolic. They might get away when left unsupervised.

Sometimes, the Meagle’s energy could be too much for the owner. To manage this, it’s important to establish obedience training to the dog the earliest time possible. While it may not be the quickest to learn, it can adapt within a reasonable amount of time. Make sure to practice constant recall commands to maintain their quick response.

Meagles are good followers once trained early. Don’t forget to show positive reinforcement as well. Harsh training methods could affect how Meagles perceive their owners and interact with them. After all, these dogs love the attention from their owner.

Their agility makes them fit for racing and obedience competitions. They might be also find it fun to wander around and chase small animals.

Therefore, Meagles are best for homes with enough space for them to run around. Meagles can also adapt to smaller homes, provided they get the regular exercise they need. They can be a joy to have around the house, but they are likely to bark or howl if threatened or needing something. Be sure to know how to manage and train your dog.



Meagles don’t need to eat a lot, given that their average weight is no more than 25 pounds. These dogs tend to be always hungry because of all the playtime their small body gets. This leads to overeating. In fact, Meagles have a high risk of obesity, and it poses a serious problem to their health for being too fat.

A protein rich diet is fit for Meagles to replenish their burned energy after playtime. Choose high-grade dog food that suits a Meagle’s digestion. Around two cups of dog food a day is enough—one in the morning and one in the evening. Control their food intake, and make sure they avoid food that is toxic for dogs: chocolate, grapes and raisins, avocado, sugary food, garlic, onion, salty and fatty food, and too much dairy.

Health Concerns

Meagles are generally healthy, especially when given proper care, diet, and exercise. Unfortunately, they can possibly have health problems inherited from their parents—a common disadvantage of mixed breed dogs. Meagles are most vulnerable to various kinds of illnesses like epilepsy, Legg-Calve-Perthes, eye problems, CBS, patellar luxation, back problems, allergies, hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia, skin problems and dwarfism.

They can also have breathing issues given their short muzzle. Too much feeding can make them most susceptible to obesity as mentioned above. Visit your local vet regularly to check your dog’s condition.

Life Expectancy

Healthy, happy, and well-groomed Meagles may live a long life of 15 years, if they successfully fight health problems likely inherited from their parent breeds.

Provided they don’t die of sudden death, serious injury or accident, Meagles can live a minimum of 10 years.

Should You Get a Meagle?

Meagles are best for people who don’t mind taking frequent walks with their dog. It’s a great companion for small outdoor adventures, and for having a good time.

But if you are allergic to dogs, do note that Meagles are not known to be hypoallergenic. Try to find alternative hypoallergenic designer breeds available that might suit you and your lifestyle.

These dogs are generally alert and friendly to people, especially children. But because Meagles are fragile, small children might unexpectedly hurt them during playtime. The breed is best recommended for adults and children 10 years and above.

Where to Buy Meagle Pups

Check for local breeders around your area to find Meagles for sale. Selling puppies online is also increasingly popular nowadays, and is more convenient in rolling out your transactions. But, make sure to verify the source if it’s authentic.

If none of these are available nearby, look for local animal rescue organizations or animal pounds to see if there are any Meagles who need a new home. You are lucky to find one this way.

You can have your own Meagle puppy by paying between $500 and $1000, a reasonable price for a designer breed. It’s best to buy one now if you have plans to have a Meagle. Prices will rise in the following years because of their rising popularity as loyal family pets.

Don’t forget to provide the rest of their health necessities such as blood testing, deworming pills, a microchip, collar, cage, leash, and some toys for playtime. Keeping them well entertained and taken care of will make your dog live a long and happy life.

Finally, do not hesitate to have your Meagle checked by your local vet if you notice something unusual about your pet’s behavior, or if it is visibly having a hard time. Have your pet checked early, so you can prepare for any complication they might have in their lifetime. Meagles are warm, loyal pets that deserve to be a companion for your family and loved ones.

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