Pomeagle: The Devoted And Energetic Dog


Pomeagle: The Devoted and Energetic Dog for the Active Pet Lover

“Pomeranian Beagle Mix”

The Pomeagle is also known as the Beagle Pom, the Pomeagle is a cross between its Pomeranian and Beagle parents. It is a small dog with superior watchdog skills. The happy and intelligent dog is also agile, and can learn tricks easily.

While the Pomeagle can be a great companion and pet, it will sometimes need help in getting along with kids and other pets. By nature, it is smart, happy, and devoted to its humans. Soon after taking the dog home, you’ll realize that it is not difficult to love and care for your Pomeagle pup.


As mentioned, the Pomeagle is a designer breed from Pomeranian and Beagle parents.

  • Beagle – The exact history of the Beagle is unclear, but many believe that the breed was already popular even during the Roman times. Beagles were once used for hunting. However, their popularity as hunting dogs waned with the rise of the faster Foxhounds. The Beagle was then relegated to the farmlands, which helped save the breed.

The breed was introduced to the US sometime in the 1800s. It was in the US where Beagles were first bred to be smaller.

The Beagle today is known as a funny and sweet dog, but can be quite mischievous. It is therefore important to train and socialize the puppy early to develop good behavior.

  • Pomeranian – The Pomeranian got its name from the place where it originated from, Pomerania. Early Pomeranians were bigger in size, and throughout the years, have been popular. Famous names in history like Michelangelo, Newton, Mozart, and Martin Luther were all proud owners of a Pomeranian.

The breed first came to England in the 18th century, and quickly became popular to the aristocrats, including Queen Victoria. Because the queen loved smaller dogs, English breeders began breeding smaller and more colorful Pomeranians. They were introduced to the US during the 1880s.

The Pomeranian today is a very clever, sociable, and outgoing dog. It loves to be around people, but has the tendency to be quite bold, which often gets it into trouble. In general, Poms get along well with other pets. It is very lively, curious, and alert – qualities that make the dog a good watchdog. However, its excessive barking can be an issue, but this can be easily addressed with proper training.


The appearance of a Pomeagle varies. This can be seen even among members of the same litter. Puppies may inherit traits from either the Pomeranian or Beagle parent.

The Beagle Pom, in general is a small dog, though some can be as big as their Beagle parent. The dog’s muzzle is elegant and slightly squared. It is blessed with sparkling, bright round eyes, and a black button nose. The ears can be floppy or erect, depending on the parent breed’s genetic influence.

The Pomeagle’s body is longer compared to its height. Its slender legs are strong with rounded, small paws. The curled tail is usually high above the back. The coat may vary anywhere from fluffy and soft like the Pom to smooth like the Beagle. The coat color may vary from tan, brown, red, cream, orange, brindle, sable, and white.

Overall, the Pomeagle boasts of stunning good looks matched by a sweet and gentle nature.

Life Expectancy

On average, the Pomeagle has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. It may be longer if given sufficient tender loving care.


The lively, happy, and diminutive Pomeagle is extremely devoted to its human. It is intelligent and the perfect specimen of an agility or show dog. It learns fast, and is generally easy to train. Because the puppy can sometimes be sensitive to tone, positive reinforcement is important.

The little dog may suffer from anxiety when left on its own for long stretches of time. Considered as people dogs, Pomeagles would love to hang around and be part of your family.

The Pomeagle’s inquisitive and active nature will drive the pooch to dip its paws on whatever you’re doing, staying with you as it tries to help you complete your task.

Like its Pomeranian parent, your Pomeagle will bark to warn you when there are strangers around. Nothing escapes the dog’s keen eyesight. It is also an ideal family dog as it gets along fine with young kids. However, because of the Pomeagle’s tiny size, especially as a puppy, close supervision is necessary when small children are playing with the pup to avoid injuries from improper handling.

The Pomeagle dog inherits its strong hunting instincts from its Beagle parent. Thus, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it chase fast-moving feathered or furry animals. This can be addressed if the Pomeagle pup is raised with cats or other dogs.

The funny, engaging, and appealing small dog is an ideal companion for both a single person and a big family alike. Adopting a Pomeagle will guarantee that you will no longer have lonely days.

Pomeagle: The Devoted and Energetic Dog for the Active Pet Lover

Ideal Environment

The adorable Pomeagle can dwell in an apartment or home with a fenced yard. But, because of the puppy’s natural tendency to follow and track scents, the yard must be secure. Otherwise, the adventure can lead the tiny pooch to various dangers like traffic.

The Pomeagle will also love living with a large family with older kids and other pets. It enjoys long activity and play sessions. However, it must not be left in isolation for a long time.


The ideal diet for a Pomeagle is one that is specifically designed for a small-sized dog with high to medium energy levels. When overfed, the Pomeagle is prone to gaining weight. Thus, it is recommended to follow a feeding schedule. Two to three high quality small meals in a day will be good for the dog’s digestion.

Like all other breeds, the Pomeagle’s dietary requirements will change as it transitions from a puppy to an adult dog, and it will still continue until its senior years. Ask your vet’s recommendations about your pup’s diet.


Just following you move around your home or backyard will already provide your Pomeagle with some of its daily exercise needs. This can be completed with daily walks that will also help develop its socializations skills.

Taking your dog out for a walk regularly will expose it to other dogs, while keeping it healthy and fit. Just make sure to walk your pooch on a leash. Otherwise, because of its strong hunting skills, it may suddenly run after a bird or another animal, and ignore your verbal instructions.

The hybrid enjoys playing, and excels in agility and other activities such as finding things. Your Pomeagle puppy would also enjoy just chilling out, curled snugly on your lap, or beside you. Anything you want to do would be alright with your furry companion.


The Pomeagle’s training needs will depend on the traits it inherits from its parent breeds. When it takes after its Pomeranian parent, it can be more obedient and easy to train. However, like the Beagle, your puppy may show some stubborn streaks that will make training sessions more tedious. Thus, you need to be patient, consistent, and always positive.

Early training and socialization are important if you want your puppy to grow up into the best adult dog it can be. You can achieve that through positive reinforcement. Be firm but generous with praise, encouragement, treats, and rewards.


The coat of a Pomeagle is often a mix of the colors of its parent breeds. Main colors are brown, fawn, cream, red, brindle, sable, black, and white. You will rarely find a Pomeagle of solid coat color.

The typical coat is short and thick, and isn’t usually hypoallergenic. Brushing your puppy’s coat every other day, and giving it a good bath at least once every two or three months using mild shampoo would be enough for your pooch. Brushing and bathing more often may be necessary if your Pomeagle has a longer coat. During winter, the Pomeagle’s coat tends to be thicker. This will help when taking your dog out for a walk during the colder winter months.

When going out for walks in summer, never forget to bring enough water for your dog. If you always take your dog out for joy rides, it is a good idea to keep a bowl in your car handy.

Avoid letting your dog stay under direct sunlight for a long period of time. If this is not possible, make sure to apply dog-safe sunblock to its nose, ears, and other sensitive areas with less fur.

Pomeagle: The Devoted and Energetic Dog for the Active Pet Lover

Health Concerns

Your Pomeagle may be prone to certain health conditions of its Pomeranian or Beagle parent. Although healthy in general, some Pomeagles may tend to develop some health issues over time. Thus, it is important to take good care of your pooch, and take it to the vet for regular checkups.

Common Pomeagle health problems include the following:

  • Epilepsy
  • Patellar luxation
  • Eye problems
  • Back problems
  • Hypothyroidism

Where to Look for a Pomeagle

Welcoming a Pomeagle as a new member of your family needs careful consideration. While it is important to find the right puppy to adopt, it is also crucial to find the right breeder.

You can use online referral directories to connect to reputable breeders near your area. Recommendations and suggestions from representatives of reputable affiliated clubs may also be helpful.

One good way to find Pomeagles for observation in one place at the same time is during pet shows and other similar events. You can talk with a few breeders to determine if they can meet your puppy needs.

Experienced and reputable breeders provide their dogs and puppies with a hygienic living environment where they get enough attention and exercise. They also receive enough medical care. Whether you are concerned about the puppy’s health, breeding, training, housekeeping, or competition, these breeders can provide satisfactory answers.


Because of its natural instinct to hunt for prey, early supervised exposure to other animals and people is important. This will make your puppy comfortable when around people and other animals.

Ideal for a family of any size, your Pomeagle will equally love all members of the household. However, it has a tendency to develop a strong bond only with its main caregiver or master.

The Pomeagle fares well in a household with multiple pets. But, you shouldn’t leave your puppy alone for a long period of time. It hates being isolated the most. Overall you will not regret getting a Pomeagle puppy for you and your family!

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