What is a Scoodle? And Why Should You Get One

scoodle dog

“Scottish Terrier Poodle Mix”

A scoodle is the crossbreed of a poodle and a scottish terrier. Some people may not know what a scoodle is, but they have seen them before in movies or on TV. It’s usually portrayed as an adorable little dog that looks like a small version of Lassie.

They have a lot of personality and they are used as therapy pets.

A scoodle is a really good pet if you live in an apartment or condo because it sheds very little, so there won’t be any hair covering the furniture or carpets. They’re also great for people who suffer from allergies because of their hypoallergenic coat that doesn’t shed much at all.

They need about 20 minutes to exercise each day and then they will spend the rest of the time relaxing with you inside your home, either lounging on your couch watching TV while you pet them or sitting next to you when you read a book (they don’t mind).

Their minimum height requirement is 12 inches tall and their breed can range anywhere between 15-


The Poodle is a a breed of dog that are often seen as a symbol for high class. They have been popular with aristocratic women since the 18th century, which is when they were first bred in France and eventually became royalty’s favorite pet.

The Poodle was originally used to hunt ducks and other waterfowl that lived near the French rivers.

They also are very good at being a service dog, and have been used to help people with disabilities.

Their intelligence is one of the things that make them so good at being a service animal. They are able to learn many different tasks even if they don’t get any instruction!

The Poodle was bred for such long periods of time in France that it became the national dog there. This has led to some controversy because anyone who visits France will see this breed on almost every street corner.

They can come in three sizes: Standard, Miniature or Toy which all vary from about 11-35 pounds (about five kilograms). The breeds also have pretty varied coats too; you might find poodles called American Curl Poodle mix dogs as well as French Kisses

Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier is one of the most famous terrier breeds. It’s also known as a Westie or an Aberdeen Terrier, but it’s not just found in Scotland! They’re originally from Eastern Europe and Asia before they were brought to England.

The Scottish Terriers have been bred for their intelligence, loyalty and bravery – something that has made them popular.

They also have a lot of energy, which means they need plenty of space to roam and play.

Scottish Terriers are also known for being good with children because they’re so gentle!


The Scoodle usually has curly hair, and it’s often nearly impossible to tell what color the coat will be because of the various colors mixed together. The fur is usually long on top with shorter hair on their backsides which makes them look like they have a poodle butt!

The Scoodle also has an elongated muzzle that looks a bit like a fox.


Life Expectancy

The Scoodle can live up to 15 years when they’re cared for properly.


The Scoodle will bark, dig and howl when they’re happy. They enjoy human attention and have a lot of energy – perfect for an active family!

The Scoodle is also good with children because their coat can tolerate being pulled on during playtime

Also the Scoodle is a great family pet because they are easy to train and don’t shed.

When they are young, the Scoodle may chew on furniture or shoes.

But when they are older, their chewing habits will change and become less destructive.

Ideal Environment

The Scoodle thrives best in a home where they can play and be active with their family.

They love being the center of attention and are very affectionate.

They love to be around other animals, but they can live in a home with one cat or dog who is used to living together as well.

They’re not too high-strung so don’t worry if you have children running about the houseor another pet that barks at them – your Scoodle will just try harder to win over their heart!

A fenced yard will provide hours of entertainment for your four legged friend.

The climate for a Scoodle is best in a temperate climate with some snow, but not too much.


The best diet for a scoodle is one that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

Some high quality dog food includes chicken and lamb.

Feeding your Scoodle table scraps is not a good idea, as they can be very fussy eaters and will pick out the foods that contain carbohydrates or vegetables which may cause them to choke if ingested improperly.

They are an omnivore so it’s important for their diet needs to be met with both meat-based products and plant-based products in order to keep them healthy.

The best thing you can do for your four legged friend is feed them high quality food on a regular basis instead of giving him treats every day on occasion – this will help avoid any health problems such as diabetes later down the line!

Some good brands of dog food are Blue Buffalo, Crave, and Pro Plan.

Training And Exercise

To train a Scoodle dog, it is usually best to use positive reinforcement.

Praise, treats and toys work well for this breed of canine. They are an active dog that will need a lot of exercise so they should be taken on long walks or jogs every day.

The Scoodle needs a great deal more training than some other breeds because they can become stubborn very easily if not trained properly from the start.

Again, using praise as the primary means of reward when training will help keep them motivated and eager to learn new things!

A scoodle also does better when it has access to both outdoor space and indoors space like most dogs do but make sure you have time outside with your family too- after all, it’s what makes their personality

Health Concerns

Some health concerns for this breed of canine are:

Slipped stifle (knee)

•Degenerative myelopathy (DM or DM-like disease, similar to the human condition with one key difference; it is progressive in dogs but not humans)

•Hip dysplasia. Hip and knee problems can be minimized by good breeding practices if you adopt from a reputable breeder who does genetic testing on their animals before they’re bred.

Other health concerns for this breed of canine are:


•Hereditary hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism can also be minimized by good breeding practices, as it is a genetic disease that will eventually affect all dogs with the condition if not bred out.

If you adopt from a reputable breeder who does genetic testing on their animals before they’re bred, your puppy has a better chance to escape inheriting diseases like hip dysplasia and hypothyroidism

Some health concerns are more common in some crossbreeds than others based on what breeds were crossed together when creating them! The different parent breeds transfer traits related to those specific conditions which may or may not manifest themselves in the offspring dog over time- again


The Scoodle needs a lot more grooming than other breeds as well because its coat requires brushing two to three times per week at least! They also need teeth brushed daily since they will try to eat anything that’s put down for them too like treats and toys work well for this

Their ears and nails should also be checked regularly to ensure they’re clean and not infected.

Grooming tools include a slicker brush, a comb with medium to long teeth, and an undercoat rake.

Where Can You Find A Scoodle Dog

The easiest way to find a Scoodle is through adoption. However, there are many other ways that you can find this breed dog as well! You could go to an AKC show if they have one coming up or make some inquiries at your local shelter too.

If all else fails for finding a Scoodle then consider purchasing from a reputable breeder who has quality dogs and may be able to trace back their lineage in most cases.

You can find a Scoodle dog for adoption at any shelter or rescue looking for good homes. Be sure to carefully research the animal’s history and ask a lot of questions about their background before you take him home!


The Scoodle dog is a great addition to any family with kids. It’s perfect for those who want an active pet that can thrive both indoors and in the outdoors, but also calms down enough for long car rides, naps on the couch or snuggles under blankets at night.

If you’re looking for a new furry friend, look no further than this lovable pooch! You will absolutely love this breed if you’re looking for a dog that is loyal, loving and energetic.

The Scoodle dog will bring so much joy into your life with his happy demeanor and gorgeous looks. He’s the perfect companion to share any adventure with!

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