Yoranian: A Sweet and Feisty Crossbreed


Yoranian: A Sweet and Feisty Crossbreed 1

“Yorkie Pomeranian Mix”

The Yoranian, also known as Yorkie Pom, is a hybrid between two tiny breeds. It has a long, fluffy fur and a long, smooth tail. It stands only about 10 inches high, and could weigh up to seven pounds. Yoranians have well-built structures despite their small size.

Unlike a lot of other small dogs, the Yorkie Pom easily gets along with children. However, adult supervision is still necessary because the breed has the tendency to act like it’s one of the big guys. Yoranians have big dog traits packed in their tiny dog bodies. The adorable crossbreed tends to get a little feisty, but it is always affectionate towards other people, especially with family. A lot of seniors own and adore the Yoranian.


The Yoranian dog is the result of the crossing of the Yorkshire Terrier and Pomeranian breeds. The Yoranian has become a popular designer dog due to its being a combination of two famous small purebreds.


The Pomeranian is said to have originated from the northern countries. These countries had Spitz breeds and it is thought that Pomeranians were bred from these dogs that were found in Pomerania. During those times, Pomeranians weighed heavier than they do now by about 20 pounds. A lot of famous people owned this breed, making it a popular dog.

In 1761, the Pomeranian was brought to England. During that time, they were only about 20 pounds – 10 pounds lighter than their ancestors. The breed was popular with the royal family but was rarely owned by the public.

Things changed during the Victorian era, when Queen Victoria showed her interest on a 12-pound Pomeranian dog. It is said that this was what inspired the breeding of even smaller Pomeranians in England.

Early 20th century Pomeranians had a stabilized weight of about seven pounds for the smallest and 15 pounds for the heaviest.

Modern day Pomeranians are extroverts, and are smart, outgoing, and very lively. They love to socialize and meet new people. They enjoy being part of family events and love being at the center of attention. Pomeranians have the tendency to challenge larger dogs, so they do need a bit of supervision. Their alertness makes them excellent watchdogs. They also tend to bark a lot but it can be controlled through proper training and early socialization.

Yorkshire Terrier

During the middle part of the 19th century in England, workers from Scotland arrived looking for jobs in Yorkshire. These Scottish workers brought with them a dog breed called Clydesdale Terrier or Paisley Terrier. These dogs were used to catch rodents like mice and rats that roam around mills. In 1861, these dogs were crossed with terriers. Eventually, the first Yorkshire Terrier was born, and was seen in the show ring as the “Broken Haired Scotch Terrier.”

Yorkshire Terriers started to be called by this name in 1870, since most of the breeding occurred in Yorkshire. The earliest record of Yorkshire Terrier breeding in America was in 1872.

Today, Yorkies are seen as clever and confident dogs despite their small size. Their fearless spirit probably came from their historical background of mice catching. Yorkshire Terriers have several personalities. Some of them are cuddlier, some are more energetic, and some are more playful. One trait all Yorkies share is their tendency to get too excited once you spoil them.


The Yoranian has a light color that ranges from cream to apricot. This adorable hybrid’s hair is a bit thin, giving it a scruffy look. Yoranians have their ears upright, making them more alert. This tiny dog’s eyes are usually dark, and its small nose is black. Yoranians have small, feathery tails that tend to stand up on its back. Their small faces is similar to that of Pomeranians, but with a dainty nose.yoranian

Life Expectancy

Yoranians are expected to live for about 11 to 16 years when given proper care and treatment.

Temperament and Behavior

The Yoranian is a famous designer dog and is considered as one of the most elegant dog breeds. It attracts a lot of attention wherever you take it. Aside from being a beautiful dog to carry around, it also has an endearing personality, making it a perfect family dog. Yoranians are fond of getting a lot of attention and companionship and it hates being left alone for long periods of time.

It is alert and over-protective, and it can be a bit curious, making it a constant barker, especially when faced with strangers. The Yoranian must not be underestimated because of its small size. It can be very overprotective and aggressive to other dogs — even larger ones — and will protect its territory from any dog.

The Yoranian breed has a mixture of personalities. It is energetic, playful, sweet, loving, happy, and friendly. It loves socializing and getting a lot of attention. Yoranians can be very affectionate and show this by licking on people’s faces. The Yoranian can get along easily with small children, but proper supervision is still necessary because this dog has a tendency to be irritated. Once this happens, it will not hesitate to bite, especially when startled or teased. The dog makes a perfect companion to the elderly because they like being kept company almost all the time.

Maintenance and Grooming

The Yoranian does not experience excessive shedding. The time you devote to shed and groom this dog depends mainly on the type of coat it has.

If its coat is similar to that of a Yorkie, then it means that it will require less maintenance and grooming. Yorkies do not shed too much and can be maintained by brushing their coat every other day to prevent any tangles. If your Yoranian’s coat is more like a Pomeranian’s, then it will shed more compared to a Yorkie’s, and will require a bit more grooming. You might need to brush its coat a couple more times in a week and use a metal comb and a wire slicker brush.

Yoranian Dog BreedEither of the two coat types would need regular visits to a proper groomer for better coat trimming. You must bathe your Pomeranian at least once a month using only a mild shampoo and conditioner. This keeps their coat shiny. Be sure that you only bathe them a few times in a month, preferably only when necessary so that they do not lose any of their natural oils.

You will also need to trim the nails of your Yoranian once it gets too long. Remember that trimming a dog’s nails is different from that of humans. You must not cut them too low, if you plan on cutting your dog’s nails yourself.

You would also need to brush your Yoranian’s teeth at least 3 times in a week to prevent plaque build-up, gum disease, and tooth loss.

Weekly ear checks are also important to make sure that your dog’s ears are not infected. You must also clean your dog’s ears regularly using a cloth or a dog ear cleaner.


Yoranians love eating wet food more than dry ones. However, it is also important to feed them with excellent quality dry foods to help maintain their dental health. They can get picky with the dry foods they like to eat, so you have to try a few different brands before you can find the right one for your dog. It is recommended that Yoranians eat ¼ to ½ cup of dry food in a day.


Getting Yoranian dogs to exercise is not a huge problem because these dogs tend to be very active even when kept indoors. However, it is nice to bring them outside once in a while since they enjoy taking daily walks and playtimes at the park. They enjoy running and interacting with other dogs. They are also very smart and obedient and can easily learn tricks. Remember not to take them outside when the weather is too warm or too cold. If you do, make sure to dress them appropriately for the weather.

You might need to prepare a lot of supplies for your Yoranian, such as chew toys and puzzles to prevent them from getting bored easily since they have a lot of new things to play with.


Training the Yoranian breed is moderately easy. They are very intelligent and enjoy spending time with humans. However, training results will be gradual because they tend to be a bit stubborn. If you want to train your dog, your patience is required. You must be firm so that they will obey your instructions, but you must also be fair and give positive reinforcement to give it encouragement. Giving them treats is an excellent way to praise your dog whenever they do something good during your training.

You must also train your dog to socialize, because it can make them more confident in the long run. Since this dog tends to be a constant barker, make sure to include barking control commands in your trainings.

It is easy for them to learn tricks. You could teach them to perform tricks faster by holding up treats to their nose to make them obey your commands.

Health Concerns

The Yoranian is usually a healthy breed of dog, but there are times when they easily get sick, especially through inherited diseases from either of their parents. These inherited diseases include epilepsy, allergies, eye problems, reverse sneezing, dental problems, hypoglycemia, and collapsed trachea. Monitor your dog’s health regularly to prevent severe illnesses.


The Yoranian is an adorable dog that is quite easy to fall in love with. They can be very playful and stubborn, they can be brave and clever, and they can also be very affectionate. If you don’t have one yet and are planning to get one, be very careful where you choose to buy. It has become a very popular breed, so there are a lot of awful breeders who only breed them to get some good money without giving them proper care.

It is still unknown what other purpose Yoranians were bred for other than as designer dogs, but one thing is for sure – they are greatly loved by a lot of people and make the perfect company for most, whether you are single, a couple, a family, or elderly.

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