Boosting Your Dog’s Immune System

Boosting your dog's immune system


Every dog parent wants to provide only the best living conditions for their pet. While giving animals attention and safety, it’s also important to strengthen their immune system. Your dog’s immune system acts like a gate that doesn’t let anything harmful into the body keeping them safe from viruses and bacteria.

However, a healthy immune system needs to be maintained and encouraged with an occasional boost. Here’s how you can boost your pet’s immune system in an easy and healthy way.

Proper diet

Everything that concerns dog health starts with proper diet. This is because a clean and rich diet is just that important and it can’t be ignored! What your dog needs is a well-balanced diet filled with quality ingredients and a few superfoods that will keep its immunity strong.

So, consider adding some blueberries, broccoli, bell pepper, spinach and beans to your dog’s diet. Kidney, pinto and red beans are very rich in antioxidants (richer than berries) but make sure to use them in moderation to prevent gas and stomach pain.

Proper exercise

A fit dog is a healthy dog, so make sure to keep your pet’s exercise consistent. Being overweight can weaken the immune system and affect the dog’s wellbeing. Too much fat in the body can trigger inflammations, so it’s best to keep your dog lean.

It can be very hard to resist giving your dog all kinds of doggy treats, especially when you have such a good pet, but you must consider their health first. So, control their diet, exercise them regularly and you’ll boost their immune system and keep them healthy.

Boosting your dog's immune system

Stress control

Stress is one of the worst things for the immune system in general (all species can agree). High levels of stress reduce the body’s ability to fight disease, heal and relax which can affect your dog’s overall health. So, make sure to treat your dog to plenty of relaxing and fun activities like exercise, play and contact. Some pups that suffer from high anxiety can also benefit from certain supplements.

There are quality dog supplements from Australia that can help lower stress, relieve fear and anxiety, reduce aggression and calm hyperactive behaviors. Plus, they taste great and your dog will love the beefy flavor!

Fish oil

There are other dietary supplements perfect for dogs. For instance, omega-3 and 6 fatty acids are great for your dog’s immune system as well as its coat and skin. Make sure to find products suitable for dogs or consult with your dog’s vet before starting omega-3 supplementation.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is crucial for proper heart health and good immune system. But, it can also improve skin, muscle and eye health, so it’s a double whammy. However, vitamin E is fat-soluble which means your pup can overdose if you don’t follow the proper dosage—keep this in mind.

Boosting your dog's immune system


Coconut oil is filled with dog-friendly benefits. It’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral which can greatly help your dog’s health. It also does wonders for various skin conditions, helps digestion and even controls diabetes! Plus, most dogs adore the taste.


Good immune system starts in the gut, so make sure your dog has a healthy digestive tract. Aside from monitoring your pet’s bowel movements and appetite, make sure it also has a tummy free of parasites. You can also grab some probiotics to boost your dog’s immune health. These are filled with good bacteria that will remove all pathogens from their digestive system and ensure good overall health.

If you provide your dog with a proper diet and plenty of exercise combined with some supplementation, you’ll have a happy, healthy and strong dog. There’s no better feeling for a pet owner to have a healthy animal that leads a happy life!

Boosting your dog's immune system

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