All About Having A Havachon

All about having a Havachon

“Havanese Bichon Frise Mix”

Are you thinking about getting yourself a Havachon dog, but you’re not sure whether or not this is the right type of dog for you?

If so, you have come to the right place because we have put together a short guide dedicated to this breed of dog. This guide will discuss its origins, size, grooming needs, character, temperament and so much more. By the end of this article, you will have a better idea if this is the ideal dog for you.

1. Origin- The Havachon breed is a cross between a Havanese and a Bichon Frise. Many owners find that they look like a Bichon more than a Havanese, while they think they have more of a Havanese personality than a Bichon’s personality.

As of now, the dog breed is not recognized by the AKC, but that hasn’t stopped or slowed down its popularity. In fact, throughout the last 10 years, the dog’s popularity has been increasing.

Furthermore, they are available in various colors and they don’t shed. Just like Bichon Frises, these dogs are ideal for those who have allergies. So, their origin is simple because it’s just a mix between a Havanese and Bichon Frise.

2. Their Size– They are not large dogs at all, and they are quite small, which isn’t a surprise considering that Bichons and Havanese dogs are generally very small breeds. They usually stand at between 9-12 inches tall and they weigh between 10-15 pounds. Some dogs may weigh a little more than that, as there are various factors that play a role in how much the dog will weigh. However, most weigh between those numbers.

As for its coat, the length depends on the dog’s parents. Some may have medium length hair, very short hair and so forth. It mainly depends on the genetics of the parents.

3. Character– It is an extremely smart dog, which can be a good thing or a bad thing. Whether it’s bad or good depends on its owners and what the situation is. For example, they can be very stubborn and if you allow them to be stubborn a good portion of the time, then training them may be difficult. They can also be playful at the same time, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The havachon dog breed is known for be affectionate and very friendly. This is one of the reasons families get them, especially if their family has small children. A lot of elderly people love these dogs because of how loving and caring they are to their owners.

4. Temperament– One of the surprising things about this dog is the amount of energy they possesses for being so small. Just remember, this is a hybrid between two dog breeds that are known for their abundance of energy. They are extremely happy and intelligent dogs.

The dog enjoys putting its brain to work by solving puzzles and it enjoys a lot of playing around, as well as exploring and just being a part of the family. Unfortunately, they may misbehave often because of how smart and stubborn they can be. In some cases, you can expect the dog to think it is the Alpha of the house, which is why it’s important to remain calm, but strict with your commands.havachon dog

5. Activity Level– One of the best things about owning a havachon dog is you don’t have to take it for multiple long walks every single day.

However, they will need to be walked at lease once per day and the walk should be a lengthy one. Allow them to have a lot of time to play too, whether it’s with other dogs or in the yard.

Feel free to let them play around in an open room in your house or allow them to play games. As soon as you get this type of dog, you will quickly realize just how much energy it has. If you don’t want to commit a lot of time to burn off your dog’s energy, then this may not be the right breed to get.

6. Grooming Needs– Now comes the fun part, which is the dog’s grooming needs. As previously mentioned, the length of their coat can vary. Generally speaking, they have long coats, even though some do have shorter or medium-length coats. This means you need to be on top of its grooming.

You should use a brush on your Havachon at least twice per week. As your dog gets older, you’ll want to keep up a weekly brushing and cleaning schedule, as well as having its coat trimmed regularly or when it’s needed.

It’s important to note that their coat will start bothering them as it grows, so keep its ears, paws, pads and eyes area neatly trimmed. There are many brands of shampoos that say they can nourish dogs’ coats, and any of those brands should be fine to use.

Pay attention to the dog’s nails. They can grow quickly, so it’s important to clip them as needed and their ears should be inspected every two weeks. Nasty infections can develop if their ear hair grows and ends up getting tangled.

7. Training Needs– As we have mentioned, these are smart dogs and they are also very curious dogs. The good news is they can be trained with ease, if they have the right type of owner. If the owner is persistent and consistent with their training, they can get the dog to do just about anything. It doesn’t matter if they are a puppy or an adult, it can easily be trained.

However, you need to let the dog know you are the pack leader. If you don’t establish that you’re the alpha, then your dog may not take on to training. The good news is once they are trained, they will be more than happy to listen to the owner and listen to commands given to them.

8. Housebreaking– Housebreaking this kind of dog is pretty much just like you would with any other breed. What you can do is confine the dog to the area you want it to use for when it has to go to the bathroom, but make sure you keep it in the confined space until it has gone to the bathroom.

Be consistent with this, and feel free to install a doggy door and teach them how to use it. Don’t expect to spend too much time teaching your Havachon to go to the bathroom properly because they are very clever and will likely learn where to go to the bathroom.

9. Who Should Get A Havachon– As previously mentioned, an elderly person who needs companionship will benefit from having this dog, and so will families with young kids or teens who are active and enjoy being outdoors. Families that love to explore and take long walks should consider getting this dog. It doesn’t really matter who you are, you should get it if you are willing to spend time training it and can maintain a proper grooming schedule.

A Havachon dog may be worth getting, but make sure you reread this article before you make a decision, if need be.

How much does a Havachon cost? It will definitely set you back a few hundred dollars depending on the breeder.

As you can see, there’s quite a few things to know about the breed. If you do decide to get a Havachon, take your time when choosing a specific one because you want to get one that will fit in with your home. Remember, a dog chooses their owner, so be patient when it comes to choosing your pet.

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