Say Hey To The Adorable Malchi

Say Hey To The Malchi

“Maltese Chihuahua Mix”

Where does the Malchi come from?

The Malchi dog like most other designer dogs was originally bred in the United States. A designer dog refers to the exciting array of mixed breeds that have been carefully produced for specific characteristics and temperaments from a combination of pure breeds.

Most of these designer dogs have a name that is a combination of the two parent breeds. The Malchi, as you may have guessed, is the product of a purebred Chihuahua and a purebred Maltese.

To better understand the specific nature of the Malchi breed, it is important to understand the temperament of his two parents.

The Chihuahua

The Chihuahua as a short haired dog that was originally found in some ruins in the state of Chihuahua in Northern Mexico. Before this point, little is known about the origins of the small feisty dog. Some dog experts claim the Chihuahua is a descendant of a small Chinese Hairless breed brought in by Spanish Traders.

Others speculate that the Chihuahua is a descendant of the Techichi, a dog from Central and South America that dates back to the 9th Century. The Chihuahua has been bred with a large number of purebreds to produce a wide variety of new breeds.

The Chihuahua is a gutsy little dog with a strong bond to a single person and an alert disposition. They can be very demanding and sensitive and need lots of attention to avoid misbehavior. The Chihuahua is not always the best option for children, especially small children.Providing your Chihuahua with early socialization is always important.

The Maltese

The Maltese is one of the oldest of the toy breeds and historical records indicate their existence for at least 2000 years. While the exact origins of the dog remain a mystery, there is some evidence that it actually was from the island of Malta. Other records say it may have originated in China or Asia.

The breed was nearly destroyed through attempts to breed the Maltese to a breed the size of a squirrel.  They were saved by breeding with other toy sized dogs like Poodles and Spaniels. This led to the production of a few other breeds. The Maltese as we see them today was the product of English breeding throughout the 19th century.

The Maltese today is a very lively dog with lots of personality and many championship awards at dog shows. They are intelligent dogs and eager to please, training will be no problem and your Maltese will assume they own the home. They are fairly independent and like having their way. The Maltese is also a small dog and small children are not always the best companions.


The Malchi dog has a temperament that closely resembles both of the parent breeds. They are loyal and devoted as well as protective and alert. Expect plenty of vociferous alerts from this dog when strangers show up. They are intelligent like the Maltese and smart like the Chihuahua, training, as in obedience and tricks, will be easy but house training will require extra patience and consistency to be successful.

They are also vigorous and feisty and they will need lots of playtime and attention to be happy companions. They will be quite inventive at finding trouble without it. They are sensitive and will feel very sad when left alone for long periods of time.


Malchi dogs are small like both her parents and usually weighs between 5 and 12 pounds. They are fairly short and won’t grow taller than 14 inches and often much less. They can look more like a Chihuahua or Maltese and this includes a broad color scheme from white, tan and brown to black. The hair can also be shorter or longer and curlier.  Bone structure is a concern and great care is needed to ensure they are not injured.

Training and Exercise Needs

How active does a Malchi puppy need to be? Being a small dog with a good nature, the Malchi is a great option for smaller homes and even apartments. Of course, they will need plenty of time outside and walks each day. Their energy levels are not the highest and within 15 minutes of playtime  will probably be tired and ready to go home. Make sure you provide plenty of challenging activities to keep their minds stimulated as well.

Do They Train Quickly?

Most people have found training a Malchi pup to be very easy. They have strong desire to please their Daddys and Mommys and coupled with their keen intelligence they understand the lessons very well and with a bit of practice they are pros.

House training can be slightly more difficult, but as always, strong yet positive training techniques always win out over the negative. The Malchi dog is also very sensitive and harsh tones can negatively affect her bouncy temperament.

If not treated with care, patience and proper attention the they can develop negative behaviors like biting, or other destructive habits. Never forget how sensitive they can be and measure out your words and actions softly and smoothly. Be positive and consistent. 

How Much Grooming Is Needed?

The Maltese is a hypoallergenic dog while the Chihuahua is not, so the Malchi breed can go either way. If you do have allergies to dogs it would be best to consult a medical professional before choosing to own any dog. As mentioned, the Malchi can have short hair like a Chihuahua or long silky hair like the Maltese. If the hair is short there will be hardly any need for grooming beyond a regular bath. Make sure these baths are kept to the minimum required frequency as too many baths can result in damage to skin oils.

Nails will need to be trimmed and if you are not sure how to do this it is best to go to a professional groomer to get it just right. Hair around the eyes should also be trimmed to avoid infections and teeth should be brushed twice a week.

What is the Malchi like with children and other animals?

Your Malchi will be happy in the company of others animals and children if she has been socialized well. This is especially important to her interactions with other dogs and they seem to tolerate the house cats with no problem. You will want to make sure that they safe however as they are very fragile dogs. A medium-sized cat or small child could unintentionally injure them severely.

Health Concerns

Whenever considering a designer dog make sure you work with a reputable dog breeder, as this will ensure your mixed breed is not sick or weak or at a greater risk of inherent health conditions associated with either parent breed.

Some of the health conditions that a Malchi puppy can inherit include hypoglycemia, heart problems, open fontanel, patellar luxation and reverse sneezing. 

General Information

Your Malchi pup can make a top-notch watch dog as they are alert and persistent. They can cause quite a raucous so if there a noise regulations you could have an issue. They will eat about ½ to 1 full cup of dog food in a day separated in two meals and need a constant supply of fresh clean water. They are better inclined to warm weather and will need to be kept warm in colder regions.

The Malchi is an excellent companion for seniors as they are generously loving and affectionate as well as extremely loyal. They are also highly sensitive to their owners and make excellent ESA (emotional support dogs). The only thing to keep in mind will be a little extra love and patience when house training.

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