Is A Maltipoo In Your Future?

Is a Maltipoo in your future?

“Maltese Poodle Mix”

What is a Maltipoo?  A Maltipoo is a designer dog made from crossbreeding a Maltese with the Poodle. It is a small and friendly companion pet that originated in the United States. The breed was initially developed for the benefit of people with dog allergies because its hair does not shed often. Although they are not in the list of the official breeds of dogs, their charming behavior made them among the famous designer dogs. Its common nickname include Malt-A-Poo, Moddle, Multapoo, Malt-oodles, and MaltiPoodle among others.

Do you own a Maltipoo or are you planning to buy one? Whatever the reason, this post will help you better understand this breed.


As stated above, Maltipoo is the result of Maltese and Poodle cross breeding. Both dogs are purebreds and their fur shedding is minimal. Because of this, they are ideal for owners who don’t want dog hairs in their homes.


Italy and Malta are the places of origin of Maltese dogs. In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans called them Melitaie. In the United States, the breed was not known until the 1870s. It is a pure toy and hypoallergenic breed. It can weigh from 4 pounds to 7 pounds, and has a low impulse to wander. The coat can be long, silky, and white. Maltese are social dogs who are gentle, playful, alert, intelligent, affectionate, lively, and cheerful. They need moderate maintenance in grooming, and have a life expectancy of 12-15 years.


Poodles are originally from Germany and France. In Germany, they used to work as water retrievers and were called Pudel. They are non-sporting pure breeds that are best as companion dogs. They are hypoallergenic and their coat can be dense, corded, curly, or harsh and rough. Because of this, they need high maintenance in grooming in order to keep their coat healthy and beautiful. They are playful, intelligent, lively, loyal, and affectionate dogs that love to play with people as well as other dogs. Their weight can be from 45 to 65 pounds and they have a life expectancy of 10 to 13 years.


Because Maltipoos are a crossbreed from Maltese and Poodles, their hair shedding is minimal. They are small in size and generally weigh from 5 to 20 pounds. They can grow anywhere from 8 to 14 inches, which puts them under the category of toy dogs. Their size can vary based on their parents. Breeders can breed three sizes, namely teacup, tiny toy, and toy. A Maltipoo from a purebred Maltese and Poodle will create a 1st generation offspring, while a pairing of two Maltipoos will result to 2nd generation pups.Is a maltipoo for you?

Because the designer breed is from a white Maltese and a Poodle that can have different hair colors, a Maltipoo can come in a variety of shades. Many of them are multi-colored, where more than one color is present in the coat. There are also those with only one color. Their coat color can vary from gray, silver, red, brown, tan, orange, or cream.  A white colored coat is the most popular, while black colored ones are the rarest.

Their coat can either be the soft silky texture of a Maltese or the dense and curly hair of a Poodle, or a combination of both. It can also be straight and long, but a wavy and wiry one can be the result of improper breeding. Instead of fur, the coat is hair-like and can self-renew but with low shedding.

Maltipoos have dark, round eyes, and their ears are wide apart that can fall forward when they are excited or alert, and hang down when they are relaxed. They have short muzzles with dark noses and tight lips.

Life Expectancy

Their life span can range from 12 to 16 years, depending on their health, diet, environment, and care.


The behavior of a Maltipoo can depend on different factors such as the personality of the parents, especially its mother, the genes they receive, as well as the level of socialization they experience. But generally, they are friendly and affectionate home dogs that cannot tolerate harsh outdoor conditions. They are lap dogs that are loyal and gentle, and they prefer sleeping on their owner’s lap. In addition, because of their playful nature, they enjoy taking walks, running, and playing around with balls or other toys.

They often bark at strangers because of their alertness, but they are not aggressive. They can act as an alarm dog, but cannot offer protection of any kind. The pet is also appropriate for children, but only for older ones. Young kids aged 6 years old and below often play rough. That can hurt the little dog. Even if they are friendly and non-aggressive by nature, if you push them to their limits, they may still bite. You can prevent this with proper supervision and guidance.

Ideal Environment

A Maltipoo is not comfortable in places with extreme heat. They need to remain in rooms with cool temperature. Thus, they should live indoors together with their owners. They can adapt to different kinds of homes. The structure doesn’t matter to them as long as they can stay and interact with their humans. But there are few things to remember when living with them. Make sure that your place is organized and dry because their coats can be matted and tangled with dirt. Sharp and pointed objects should also be kept away from them because they might accidentally play with them. And as much as they like spending the day indoors, they also enjoy and need regular walks and play time outdoors.

The dog must not be left alone in your home for long periods. This can cause stress and anxiety. They may also bark constantly while you are away.


You need to feed your pet 5/8 to 1.5 cups of dog food in order to meet their daily nutritional requirement. Divide them into two meals that come from a high-quality source. It is preferred to place food for your dog twice a day rather than leaving them all in one go.

The amount of food consumed depends on the dog’s age, build, metabolism rate, size, and activity levels. Naturally, a bigger and an extremely energetic dog will need more food to supply their energy. The type of food given can also affect the growth of your dog. A high quality and highly nutritious dog food can better nourish your dog and keep them healthy. Choose the ones that are high in meat protein, grain and filler free, and dry. You can also feed them milk to give them strength. When changing their food, do it gradually to prevent stomach problems and other issues. Over the course of 4 weeks is the recommended time for this adjustment.

Aside from sticking to nutritious and quality dog food, remember the types of food that may be toxic for your pet. Avoid feeding your Maltipoo with grapes, beer, raw bread dough, garlic, onions, alcohol, nuts, and chocolates, among others. Before putting anything in the mouth of your pet, make sure that it is not detrimental to their health. The eye and hands-on test can also help you determine the status of their health. This test can show you if your dog is overweight or not.

maltipoo pupp at play


Even if the breed is an indoor pet, allow them to walk outside and experience a different environment. Letting your pet exercise can keep their muscles strong, keep their heart healthy, give them a healthy appetite, and improve their circulation.

But a Maltipoo must at least be 12 to 14 weeks old before you can bring them outside. This precaution will ensure that your pet will not acquire diseases and get sick since they still have a weak immune system prior to this time.

When they reach the right age, allow them to walk outside twice a day with a total of at least 40 minutes. You can divide this time equally, or split them into 30 and 10-minute walks. A dog treadmill could work too.

The ideal time to do this is in the morning and in the evening. Make sure that walks happen at least 2 hours before their bed time.  Before starting, place a harness over them rather than collars. This will give you better control of your pet and prevent them from experiencing pain and a collapsed trachea. Another good way to exercise is by playing with your dog. Playing fetch can also give you time to practice commands with them.


With proper training and reinforcement, the dog can also learn and perform tricks. Training should start from the moment the puppy enters your home. Due to its intelligence, a Maltipoo puppy as young as 8 weeks old can understand anything you teach them.

Sit and stay are some of the most basic commands that you can teach them. You need to apply kind but firm rules in training them. Pleasing praises and treats can also help in encouraging them. But be sure to do this in moderation because otherwise, you will spoil them. The tricks that you will teach them must also be in accordance to their size and age. Avoid dangerous ones that can damage or break any parts of their body. Also, because of their size, they can be frail, so handle them with caution. Don’t drop them or show them any violence.

How To Groom a Maltipoo

Because of their coat type, a Maltipoo has high grooming needs. Give them certain amount of baths, frequent brushing of hair, and sometimes even a professional groom service. These practices will ensure that their coat is healthy and their overall appearance attractive. Keep their ears clean and dry. Attend to their basic care as well.

Health Concerns

Health problems can also arise when taking care of a Maltipoo. Some common issues are hypothyroidism, luxating patella, progressive retinal atrophy, white shaker syndrome, dental problems, cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia, collapsed trachea, and allergies.

You should not only attend to the basic needs of your pet but also be mindful of their actions and learn tips to keeping them healthy. Observing their habits can be helpful in the early detection of possible diseases. It would also be helpful if you are aware of the symptoms of the mentioned diseases and their possible cure.

Where Can You Get a Maltipoo?

You can find Maltipoos from breeders or rescue shelters. You may also ask your friends for possible referrals or search the internet, since this breed is becoming popular nowadays. But before paying for them, make sure that they are in good health, they are of the right breed, and they come from a credible place.


The main advantage of owning a Maltipoo is that their hair does not shed often. This would be suitable for people with allergies and those that don’t want hairs on their homes or cars.

Maltipoos are indoor pets that can adapt to various home conditions. But they cannot live in places with extreme heat. They can spend the day sleeping on their owner’s lap and playing around the house, but they must also be let out at least twice a day. This will ensure that they get the required amount of exercise. Despite their small size, Maltipoos can act as your faithful companions. They can show you love and entertainment as long as you provide them with proper care and treatment.

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