Top 10 Reasons to Love a Shorkie Poo

our beloved shorkie poo Koada

“Shih Tzu Yorkie Toy Poodle Mix”

Our Beloved Shorkie Poo “Koada”

Sure, purebred dogs are great. But then there’s the Shorkie Poo, and suddenly you’re forced to redefine just what greatness entails. Just one look and if you’re any kind of dog lover, you’ll fall in love. Truth be told, having a Shorkie Poo around can turn anyone into a fanatical dog lover for the rest of their lives.

A simple Shorkie is a mix of a Shih Tzu and a Yorkshire terrier. The name is derived from the “Yorkie” nickname of Yorkshire terriers, and it’s a simple matter of just changing the name to Shorkie to indicate the Shih Tzu in the mix.

With that naming convention in mind, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out that a Shorkie Poo has a toy poodle in the mix. This is a designer breed that you get when the parents are a Shorkie and a toy poodle. But it can also be the result of a Yorkipoo (a Yorkie and a poodle) and a Shih Tzu. You can also get a Shorkie Poo if you get a Shorkie and a Yorkipoo together. When you have 3 breeds in the mix, the math and the fractions can be a bit complicated.

So what’s the big deal with a Shorkiepoo?

Well, there are 10 possible reasons why you’d want one for your very own:

  1. They’re cute. That’s perhaps the main reason. They’re simply adorable, and in fact you’ll want to make use of the thesaurus so that you don’t use the same words to describe just how lovable these little guys are. Go online and check the pictures on Google images and you’ll find pictures of the most gorgeous dogs that ever walked the Earth.

However, these pictures are nothing to what they really look like in real life. Seriously, even the videos on YouTube don’t do them justice. So it’s good that you’re reading this article if you’re trying to do research on the types of breeds you may want to get if you want a dog for your home and your family.

Be warned, though, that any objectivity can go right out the window upon your first sight of a Shorkiepoo. Love’s funny that way.

  1. They’re very affectionate. It’s not enough that they’re gorgeous, however. What really takes the cake is that these guys are extremely affectionate. They’re not standoffish or even aggressive. They just love you, and they’re very eager to show it.

Exactly how can you resist such attention when it’s directed at you? There’s often no choice but to reciprocate and love them back.

  1. They’re kid-friendly. Of course, the Yorkshire terrier is notorious for not really seen as a “kid-friendly” dog. But that’s part of the reason why the Shih Tzu is in the mix, as they’re considered much better with children and their hyperactivity and their heavy-handed petting. Adding the poodle genes makes them even better for children because poodles are among the kid-friendliest breeds in the world. If you have a family with kids, the Shorkie Poo is a great companion for them.
  2. They’re perfect for small apartments. Not everyone lives in a huge mansion with extensive grounds. Many people live in apartments without backyards, and that’s a problem with large dogs that need lots of exercise. But that’s not a problem with the Shorkie Poo, because they aren’t really very active.

However, they do enjoy play time and short walks with their human family members. They don’t have a problem staying indoors bonding with you.

  1. Newbie owners will suit them. If you do some research on owning a dog, you may be overwhelmed by all the things that you ought to do properly so that you end up with a well-behaved doggie. You have to be consistent and everything, but with the Shorkie Poo, you can make mistakes and the consequences aren’t all that serious.

These dogs are just easygoing and relaxed. They’re not overly sensitive or too assertive that can make things hard for new owners. This means that you won’t traumatize them when you make mistakes, nor will they regard themselves as the “Alpha” if you’re too relaxed with them.

shorkie poo dog

  1. They take to training well. Again, that’s the influence of the poodle genes. They’re not just eager to please you, but if they take after the poodle line then they’re very smart as well. Poodles are among the geniuses of the dog kingdom, and the American Kennel Club includes them in its top 10 list of smartest pure breeds.
  2. They’re hypoallergenic. Some people don’t react well to breeds that shed a lot of hair. That’s not a problem with the Shorkie Poo at all. This also means you don’t need a heavy duty vacuum cleaner to get rid of all that hair every day.
  3. They’re small. For some, this just adds to the cuteness factor, but it’s also convenient in many ways. If you have kids, you don’t have to be afraid that they can inadvertently hurt your children. You can also bring them wherever you go. Their small size also means that they don’t eat all that much.
  4. They tend to be healthier. Usually, breeders tend to pick the best of the lot when they breed designer breeds like the Shorkie Poo. They’ve gone through genetic screening and temperament testing. But then you add genetic diversity to the mix, and you’ll more likely to get a very healthy dog.
  5. They can surprise you. With 3 breeds in the mix, your dog may get most of their traits from any one of them. You can’t be sure which, and that’s part of the fun. Of course, there’s also the possibility that they’ll go against type, and you should be ready for that as well. They’re individuals, and they don’t always conform to stereotypes.

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So what are you waiting for? There’s a Shorkie Poo waiting for you right now.

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